Meet Victoria

I’m a full time wedding & portrait photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA & Nashville, TN. I’m also married to a handsome touring bass player.
We have two dogs and the four of us love to travel, explore, hike, ride motorcycles when the weather is crispy, sleep in every once in a while and watch The Office and Seinfeld before going to bed.
After a B.A. in Fashion Photography and working for over 3 years for a magazine, I’ve found my niche capturing weddings.
There is absolutely nothing more rewarding than being able to hold together moments that will be gone in seconds right in front of our eyes.

I’m all about meeting new people, connecting, exploring, running away from the ordinary and capturing moments in between. I want to capture the real stuff. All the big moments.
The ones you think no one is noticing and the ones you even didn’t know existed.
I want to be there for you and with you.
So excited to possibly start this adventure together.
Let’s make sure we get to go places and have every single moment captured.

Photo by  Robby Klein

Photo by Robby Klein


Did you know…

► My very first job was when I had just turned 18 and I got hired to move to Vietnam for 8 months to be an English interpreter to a famous soccer team.

► After returning from Vietnam I got a job at a really awesome Teen Magazine where I stayed until I left Brazil to move to the US.

► I am scared of flying but that never stops me. I am actually getting better at it since I have to be in an airplane so much, lol.

► I am a short human. 4’ 11’’ exactly.

► I am full blood Italian. Both sets of grandparents were born in Italy and moved to Brazil when they were still babies.

► I learned English when I was 15 years old.

► I speak Portuguese, not Spanish. Although I’d love to speak Spanish.

► I am reaaaally good with power tools and I have remodeled our entire first house myself (with some help of my husband, of course).

► I have an online store where I sell handmade organic wall banners / flags. It’s called Adelaide’s Fort.


You can also find me at:

Adelaide’s Fort

Sewing and screen-printing each single flag, banner or doormat
I sell at my little online store.


Instagram account dedicated to share all my DIY projects and step by step of how we are renovating our new home in the desert.



Here are some of my
favorite adventures:

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