Although I would love to say that I am hiring, I am not but I would love to invite you to join the H Hub with me.

One of the most asked questions is: "How do you find people to photograph everywhere you go?" - The answer is actually very simple and pretty cool.
Last year I found out about the H and I absolutely fell in love. The HUB is a website that connects photographers x models all over the world.
All you do is to sign up with your Instagram handle and once they have approved you, you are in the team and able to search for people to connect anywhere you go.
Because the H has been such an important tool to my business, I would love to bring it here and share it with you :)

If you are a photographer or a model, I would recommend you to join the team!
I promise it's not scam or anything weird. It's simply a very wonderful tool!

Ready to sign up?
Here we go!
I see you at the H :)