I could spend days and days thinking about what to write and how to say what this wedding means to me.
It's not every day that you get to see your best friend / brother get married to the girl of his dreams. It's not every day that you fly back to your homeland to see the ones you love to dearly smile from ear to ear while they say I do.

Pedro and I have a lifetime of stories and memories together. Before he became my brother, he became my best friend. That kind of friend that becomes family.
I've been apart of the Chiovitti Alexandre's family for some time now. Sueli and Andre (his parents) have taken me in as their own.
I remember spending many afternoons sitting around their dinner table as we had an afternoon coffee and laughing about simple things.
It's also hard to forget all the nights they have offered me a bed to sleep while Pedro and I chose the rug on the floor as we spent countless hours talking about the future and what life would hold for us.
See, not many people are lucky to have that kind of friendship. Not many people are lucky to have their Chiovitti Alexandre family embracing them with their arms wide open but I am.
I could never take for granted what this family has done for me.
They have shaped me, wiped my tears when needed and loved me as their own daughter.
There is absolutely nothing I wouldn't do for them. Especially Pedro that has given so much back.
If I could hold on to one simple thing, it would be the night Pedro and I hopped on the bus back home late after church and he told me he was going to Australia for a month or so.
My heart ached because I knew that a month or so could possibly become forever.
That night we sat there together dreaming and believing that all the things we wanted to live in life could become true.
As we were getting closer to our final stop, Pedro grabbed my hand and said: "I know your turn will come too, Vic. I know you will move to America and you will live your dream."
Here we are, probably 10 years after that.
That's the kind of friendship you want to have.
Not many people are lucky to have a Pedro in their lives, but I sure am!

Pe, I am so thankful for your life.
So thankful that God has placed us together to share and support each other.
You have found you gold and she is one heck of a girl.
I love both of you forever <3

Venue: Vila Mandacaru
Decor: Barbara Hoffman
Macrame: Bordada de Flor
Make up + hair: Cor e Alma
Churros cart: Churruts
Coffee: + Kafeina
Cake + sweets: Bombalaio
Dress: Monica Linz
Groom's suit: Zara
Stationary: Atelie Samira Brustelo
Sound / Music: Kabllus