It took me a while to select through these images since I couldn’t make up up my mind to which ones I wanted to post.
My selection had almost 300 images which I needed to somehow bring down to 100 at least.
We’ve made it! Might have a little over 100 images but that only means, we had a great day.

Amery, Derek and I had such a lovely weekend together.
They picked me up at the airport and took me to some incredible places I hadn’t seen yet.
We went from some of the most beautiful hotels, ruins and ate at some magical restaurants around Todos Santos in Mexico.
For my luck, Derek had lived in that area for years while working making him the perfect tour guide for all of us.
They get married next year in one of the most beautiful places here in the US and I will get to spend 3 days celebrating and capturing each and every second of their happiness.
Can we rush the time, already?
Amery & Derek, thanks for some great adventures and amazing new memories.

Victoria BedingfieldComment