There was so much joy in the room that day.
As I met with Jess at the hotel lobby and we drove all the way to the most beautiful little chapel in San Francisco, I knew that day was going to be filled with stress free and love.
On the car ride, her dad and sister shared stories about camping and seeing bears along the trails while Dom’s sister and I would just laugh with all the details.
The day was perfect, the guests started to arrive and soon we had the most beautiful intimate ceremony happening right before our eyes.
Sometimes I get to be apart of moments like these I have captured. Every little look exchange between the two of them was simply the most incredible feeling.
Strolling through San Francisco in a trolling with all the guests, trying to make sure the wind wouldn’t take us down (or the veil) and ending the day with a beautiful dinner surrounded by all our loved ones - this is what I call a good day.
Dom & Jess, thanks again for all the sweet moments and for giving love a whole new meaning.
Cheers to you two.

Victoria BedingfieldComment