BASIC INVITE - Destination Wedding Invitations

One of my greatest honors is to share great vendors with my clients.
As you photograph weddings, you get to not only to hang with your bride & groom, but also see what others involved have created to make that day so special.
With that being said, I have found the coolest invitations for you guys. Especially for the bride & groom that loves to travel and want’s to create something a bit more adventurous.

Basic Invite is such an amazing company and everything they create comes straight from heaven.
I decided to put together a short list of why I recommend them so you guys get to compare and see the real difference.



  • C-U-S-T-O-M orders! Yes, custom!
    Each card can be created, designed and changed to what you expect and have in mind.
    As someone who loves photographing unique things, their items have definitely surpass my expectations when it comes to ways of making each invitation your own.
  • Travel themed invitations.
    I support travel more than anything and what better than another vendor that has a whole collection based on destination invites?
    For the ones madly in love with traveling and adventuring, you can’t forget to check their destination wedding invitations.
  • Colors for days!
    Seriously, SO MANY COLORS! Basically unlimited.
    You can mix and match, pick your envelope colors and create everything just the way you want.
  • Sets to pair.
    Ok, so this is the key to everything.
    You know when you are looking into those beautiful photos on Pinterest of people’s wedding invitations how they have the save the date, the map card, the RSVP and all the other little items under the same color pallet and everything seems to match? Well, its because it does match because they come in sets - ahhhhh!
    Believe me, to relieve the stress of planning and get you going, this will be your best friend.
  • Wedding websites + guestbooks.
    Also super cool because you still get to stay in the color scheme you chose + have everything in one place.
    Websites have become a major key to couples these days because it helps you to avoid that call from that one cousin you haven’t seen in years trying to under where you are register at or where the wedding will be. All the information in one place.
    Plus, the guest book, which is also a major thing. One less thing for you to worry about and one extra memory to keep.
  • Address collection.
    Say what! Another step here that will make your life much easier.
    Don’t worry licking stamps, let them do it for you :)

    That being said, Basic Invite has changed the game to a lot of my brides when it comes to take a huge load off their back and delivering amazing products.

Want to check them out? Here it’s all the platforms you can find them: