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Lodging from July 16th - 20th of 2018.
2 day access to the Styled Shoot
Workshop / Breakfast hang with speaker

*Food is not included. Each one will be able to come and go as they please during the breaks to eat or cook at the cabin.


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+ What the heck is Reset to Rise?
We are basically an intimate workshop / styled shoot that put together cool stuff at cool places.
Our goal as a team is to reset (see what I did there?) our creative minds & hearts giving a fresh new perspective + portfolio.
We all get burned out from busy seasons and sometimes we just need to create some new content in order to chase new things.

+ For real, are we going to Iceland?
Yes, we sure are! 
We have scouted THE BEST places for us to shoot and hang!
Let's make this happen!

+ What should we expect of the Styled Shoot?
This time, we won't have speakers. It will be exclusively a 2 day styled shoot with 2 couples and 1 bridal.
We will be breaking our shoots into two different days with plenty of cool locations for us to hit.

+ What is the date?
July 17 & 18 of 2018.
Right in the middle of the week to make sure we can accommodate your schedule in case you have to be back for the weekend hustle.

+ How about the price?
We have two different options:
$650 to have full access to the Styled Shoot only.
The price does not include airfare or lodging.

- $900 to have full access to the styled shoot + lodging from July 16th - 20th.
*** You will be sharing a bed with somebody else that you will get to meet there.
The price does not include airfare.

- $1200 to have full access
to the styled shoot + lodging (your own bed) from July 16th - 20th.
The price does not include airfare.

+ What to expect about the lodging?
We thought that would be super fun if we all made a huge party out of this so we are planning on renting a cabin in Iceland where we all will stay together so we have TWO lodgin options for you.

  1. Sharing a queen bed with somebody.

Hey, lets embrace the experience and be friends! 
We want to bring back the camp vibes and add a touch of adventure to this!


     2. Get the whole bed just for you.

We get it, if you rather just have a bed for you, its totally ok!
You still might be sharing a room with somebody else tho and your bed might be a twin :)

We all get to come and go as we please but hanging and exploring together would be super fun!
All you would have to take care of car rental (which you can share with somebody else that is going) and your airfare.

*It's fair to remind that its not a hotel! We will be sharing bathrooms, the kitchen and the living space.

+ What is the theme?
We are going with ADVENTUROUS for this year.
We will make sure that the scenario + the styles match perfectly :)
You won't regret, we promise.

+ How do I get to Iceland?
I know it can get overwhelming planning a trip abroad but there is nothing to fear!
I have written a blog post sharing tips on what to expect about money, car rental, food and lodging.
Click HERE to see more details.

+ I am sold! What is the next step?

The next step is to buy your ticket into the shoot.
we will have limited spots available.
The full itinerary of the styled shoot will be released once you have signed up.

+ what if I have any questions?
Great! We can help you with anything you need.
Join our RESET TO RISE facebook group and ask away :)