I have been beyond blessed to partner and also pick some of the best companies to work with and I absolutely would love to share any freebies or discount codes in case you are looking for to use any of them as well :)


HONEYBOOK is an amazing tool where I get to keep track of my calendar + client booking and money keeping.
Through it I get to deliver contracts, invoices and price guides to my clients.
They are amazing and definitely make my job much easier keeping me organized.



DIGIT has become one of my very favorite apps. It's an easy and smart way of saving money without noticing.
It's also safe and it allows you to set up goals and let your savings grow.
This is the main app I use when I need to save money for trips and new gear.
With this link, you get to save $5 after your first withdraw, yay!

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 7.34.53 PM.png


QPITAL is awesome another amazing money saving app.
This one lets you choose how and when you'd like to save your money.
I use it mainly for my taxes. It let's you set a percentage aside based on when you get paid!
That way I dont have to worry about putting my tax money aside :)
With this code, you get to earn $5 after your first withdraw.


The H Collective is an A-MAZING community where we get to connect with models, make up artists, photographers and videographer anywhere in the world.
Every time I get to travel somewhere, I search for other creatives to collaborate with and the H collective has made my life much easier. 
Its absolutely free to sign up but once you use this link, you get to be apart of my team and get pre approved for the community.



I have put together a collection of presets based on my editing.
There are a total of 8 presets here. 2 Black & White, Sparkler Exit, Lens Correction and 6 other ones.
I have selected a few images and edited them with each one of these presets.