Jan + George - Adairsville, GA

What can I say? Jan and George are definitely my two favorite subjects to be photographed.If you tale a look back into my blog you will find them in probably 2 other sessions. Besides the fact these are two are SO good looking, they have the best heart I know. There is this sweet sound everytime you are with them and it wouldn't be any different on their wedding day. So glad I got to see so many people gathering around the table to celebrate these two. It's truly a gift to know them.

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Bride Hair + MUA: Michelle Terc | Bridesmaid hair + MUA: Love is in the hair | Cake: Sweet Peeps Bakery | Flowers: Boukates | Invitation: Wide Eyes paper CO | Bride's robe: Le Rose Gifts | Dress: Galina Signature | Shoes: Steve Madden | Boutonniere: Pomp and Plumage | Bouquet Macrame: The Little Avocado | Table runner scroll: Feather and Ivy