Turner + Kirsten - Pillow Fight

I had the pleasure of meeting Turner shooting a wedding. He is a videographer and we got to work together at Annie & Kaleb's wedding.After we chatted for a bit over text, I invited him and his sweet (sweet 100x) girlfriend, Kirsten for a You & Me session inside my studio. I flipped the place to look like a modern loft, I put the bed on the floor, brought my record player and and bought two feather pillows. These two were NATURALS. Seriously! We had a great time just having fun, jumping on the bed and eating popcorn around the bed :) I'm so so so so glad I got to hang with them and I feel so honored I got to capture these sweet moments. Kirsten & Turner, THANK YOU! Also, a big shout out to my bff Taluana for being AMAZING and helping me with all the organization + cleaning up the studio. And thanks to our shop vac for making our life easier.

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