It's not everyday you end up in Iceland.
It's also not everyday where you get to meet people like these two.
Thankful for the internet that has made this possible and beyond thankful for the short 40 minutes they were willing to spend with me as we froze our butts of while walking around the coolest + craziest spot we could find.
Alex and Kolla, thanks for being one of a kind :)

Also, they are A-MAZING travelers / photographers / videographers and they have soe dope content from Iceland and many other places.
You should check them out: This is Kolla, and this is Alex.


Sometimes you don't wake up feeling well.
I had just landed back from a trip abroad and spent over 30 hours hopping from airplanes to airplanes
Kristie & Will's session was schedule to happen and due to my body barely making it, we almost had to cancel.
Looking back, I am so glad we pushed forward and made it happen anyways.
These two are a delight and made my job much easier.


I love meeting my brides and grooms before the wedding day. Especially during engagement sessions.
It's awesome to see how they all start shy and in minutes they find trust and become models.
Theo and Elizabeth literally rocked their engagement session during one of the most beautiful golden hours.
Looking forward to photograph their wedding soon.