Ally & Travis spoke my language when on their email they said: "We want our engagement session to be in New York, where we live but our wedding will take place in California."
Those words are like magic to me.
Having the chance to photograph these two awesome humans in both my favorite places simply made my job much easier. Not to mention that they are everything & more together.


Kyle and Celeste's wedding was what we like to call short and sweet.
They reunited the most important people in their lives to testify their new beginning. Most of us cried (and that will include me) which made each and every second of their day unique.
It's crazy how sometimes I get to photograph weddings with loads of people in it but somehow it feels the most intimate ceremony I have ever been to.
That's how their wedding day was. Just lovely :)


Sometimes you don't wake up feeling well.
I had just landed back from a trip abroad and spent over 30 hours hopping from airplanes to airplanes
Kristie & Will's session was schedule to happen and due to my body barely making it, we almost had to cancel.
Looking back, I am so glad we pushed forward and made it happen anyways.
These two are a delight and made my job much easier.


Jennifer wore her mother's wedding dress.
You can only imagine how happy I was when I walked inside the room and saw this beautiful piece hanging on the wall.
Their wedding was all sorts of beautiful. The venue added an intimate back yard vibe to it while they chose Tycho to walk down the isle, which also made my the happiest.
Thankful for brides with a vision and thankful for couples that add their little touches to their own special day.
Jennifer & Kurt, you are lovely!


I love meeting my brides and grooms before the wedding day. Especially during engagement sessions.
It's awesome to see how they all start shy and in minutes they find trust and become models.
Theo and Elizabeth literally rocked their engagement session during one of the most beautiful golden hours.
Looking forward to photograph their wedding soon.