Hey guys, we know it can be overwhelming to plan a trip abroad but don't worry, I will help you get by with the best deals + the best ways!

Yes, tickets can be pricy when it comes to small countries. Especially when they are in the middle of nowhere (literally).
The great part is, Iceland is very close to the middle east side of the cost in the United States, which makes tickets easier to be bought when departed from specific places.

WOW Air is my go to when it comes to Iceland.
They have usually the best deals.

What is the trick? - They only leave from specific cities inside the USA.
What I do is: I buy my ticket from either Boston, LA or NYC and then find a great deal through South West to fly me to any of those places.
It works like a charm.
Right now DELTA has a round trip for $550, yay!

Hotels can go from $150 to $300+ per day so my recommendation is getting an AirBnb.
They are cheap, really good and you get to share with others, which makes the price drops.

Easy! I recommend renting through EXPEDIA and adding the $11 collision fee. That way you dont have to pay for extra fees once you go pick up.
Also, because its summer, you can get the most economic + compact car because there is no need for 4x4 as we wont be braving snow.