New York City

I landed a few minutes ago in Los Angeles and found myself a coffee shop in Silverlake to sit and get some work done.
As I was finishing editing these images from New York, I got thinking about all the other million times I had come to this city. It doesn't matter how many times you run through the same streets, businesses, or eat at the same restaurants that have become your favorite easily, the magic never ends. Summer, winter or fall.
I remember when I moved to the USA, my first place to go was New York. Not by choice, although my inner "south american that wants to live the american dream" could have picked it in a heart bit. 6 years ago, Times Square seamed like such a far away dream, and the beautiful buildings were like a fairly tail that we got to watch on Sex & The City.
I am very thankful for a job that gets me all over the world but especially thankful for when I get to go back to the same places that have such an important touch to my heart.
Believe me. There is never a bad time to go to New York.