Los Angeles

I have been to LA so many times and I never get to go out and explore all the cute things I see around Pinterest or Instagram so this week, I decided to make space for two days off just to visit places.
Of course I planned step by step after compiling all the tips and locations bloggers say that you gotta go or eat. I made my personal selection which includes lots of sugar and cool "instagramable" walls and now I came here to share with you the plan.
If you are ever around LA for 1 or a couple of days, make sure you visit these places and get your photos going.

PS: All these photos were taking with my Iphone! :)

have stayed in various places around LA but i have found that the best location for me in Silverlake area.
There are plenty of airbnbs there and lots of cool coffee shops to visit.

LA is awesome but depending on public transportation sucks. Definitely recommend getting a rental car to move around the city and even travel outside of it for all the cool locations.
Definitely be prepared to (almost) never find parking or having to pay (a lot) for it.

Here it is! All pin pointed ready for you to use.
Just zoom in to see all the locations.
If you open it on your google maps, you will be able to see the LEGENDS I have created. They will guide you also to pick your own spots.
I have divided it into 3 parts but I have made visited all of these locations in just 2 days :)

+ Santa Monica Pier
One of my favorite places. So incredible.
Definitely packed with tourists walking around but really awesome to go at night and enjoy the ferris wheel as you check LA from the top.

+ Venice Beach
So good and the food is on point!
You get to just walk around, see people skateboarding and eat lots of poke bowls and acai.

+ The Beverly Hills Hotel.
Although I would love to be hosted here, I am not! Actually I am probably in a Airbnb 30 min away form it, haha! 
You can walk in and check it out. Its super cute. They also have a restaurant inside, which you get to sit and enjoy the hotel or you can just prop yourself and take a cute photo in front of the cute sign.

+ California Dreaming Wall.
Another day, another wall in the city. 
Super cute too.

That's where that suspended rock is. Yep! Really awesome to just walk around and relax.
Parking is a pain tho.

+ Wings Wall.
Really cute and really small in the middle of the street.

+ Pink Wall.
This one is located at the Paul Smith store and its huge!
No need to share space when others are taking a photo.

+ Made in LA Wall.
It's a furniture store wall and very cute too.

+ Assembly Los Angeles.
The oh so famous wall with cute tables in front and where the words are up side down.

+ Girls Tour Wall.
There are plenty of signs around the store. One blush pink and really big and a couple of other smaller ones in black.

+Eden Sky.
One of my favorite stores. Everything is so cheap and cute!

+ Crossroads Trading.
The best consignment store ever! Seriously! 
You can come home with a whole new closet for $100.

+ Cold Rolled Ice cream.
Yes, they make all those cute full of confetti rolled ice creams.
Fairly good.

+ The Poke Shack.
The best! Thats all I eat while in LA.

+ Gravity LA
Cute store with cute neon signs.
Things are pricy, but worth walk in for the photos.

+ Somi Somi.
Super crafted Ice Creams with a bunch of cute stuff all around it.
Usually the cones are shaped as fish.

+ Mama Shelter
Seriously, the coolest roof top to hang. You get to see the whole city of LA and enjoy some good food and good drinks.

+ Hollywood Sign
Duh! Pretty awesome view of the city but get ready, its super super duper far and lots of hiking.

+ VooDoo Doughnut
Really good and really cute. This one is located inside the CityWalk Hollywood so you get to just hang around the Hollywood Studios too.

+ Griffith Observatory
Super cute and cool. Its free but parking is a pain.

+ Alfred Coffee Silverlake.
This is my favorite coffee shop because it's tiny and adorable.

+ Mr. Holmes Bakeshop.
Really, really good!
Worth the drive and all the pounds.

+ OUE Skyspace LA
It costs $35 bucks and all you get to see is the city skyline. 
Its really cool during sunset.

+ Grand Central Market.
A place to eat. All times of food and a good environment.

+ Little Damage
Cool ice-cream with a black waffle cone.
So good! The flavors are also so nice.
I had Unicorn Tears.

I hope you get to enjoy these spots around LA.
Here are a few more photos as I walked around town.